Where has my muscle gone!?

Ok so I have had a pretty hectic couple of months with my personal life. There has been a family death on my side and another on my partners side. This has meant travelling 200 miles south west and back again, then 200 miles north and back again. Teaming this with 2 weeks of trapped nerves in my neck and a car that’s been out of action, it’s lead to me being out of the gym for almost 2 months… and damn am I feeling it!

Here’s a couple of action shots!

I went back to the gym for a week 2 weeks ago, and then I was off again. From today I haven’t got any plans to go anywhere so I am back to training. I’m booking in for a sports massage and getting my strength back up. Today I had a go at snatching and boy has my strength dropped. Only managing a mere 40kg sadly.

But I’m stocked up on protein, chicken and vegetables. I’ve got myself a new half gallon water jug (hopefully my boyfriend won’t throw this one out) and I plan on being 100% badass and back on the game from this week on wards.

Missing the gym isn’t just detrimental for my valuable gains, but it’s also pretty bad for my mental health and my sanity. My whole self worth goes downhill, I feel a mess and a retreat into my little shell, my mojo goes, my motivation goes and so does my love for life.

So here’s to gains, a healthy mind and finding my motivation again. Let’s get it.

Crushing watermelons with my thighs.

Ever since I started lifting I wanted to have such strong legs that I could crush a watermelon between my thighs. It’s always been a bit of a joke kind of goal but at the same that was my ultimate one. It sounds odd doesn’t it?

I cared more about his goal and being able to achieve it one day than I did getting to a certain size or looking a certain way. 

I remember the first time I ever saw it was when I was watching Kortney Olsen do it on a YouTube video. That’s was when I realised that was my mission. 

I attempted it a few times but always failed. Until Thursday 11th May 2017! Video below.

I made a huge mess in the kitchen but I cleaned it all up with a huge smile on my face. Unfortunately there was no one there to high five (I don’t think my mother in law was too impressed) but I still feel totally amazing from doing it and I want to show everyone my legs and how strong they are!