The Problem with Influencers

While we scroll our days away comparing ourselves to those on social media, remember sometimes things aren't what they seem. Just because someone has loads of followers and looks like they have a lavish lifestyle they probably don't. They're actually renting studios dressed up to look like private jets and they're selling anything they can... Continue Reading →

Where has my muscle gone!?

Ok so I have had a pretty hectic couple of months with my personal life. There has been a family death on my side and another on my partners side. This has meant travelling 200 miles south west and back again, then 200 miles north and back again. Teaming this with 2 weeks of trapped... Continue Reading →

‘But I don’t wanna get big’

Ladies... Do not fear the weights room! I promise you, that strength training WILL NOT make you big. Let's look at what it takes in order to build substantial amounts of muscle. An intense strength programme. Unless you are training 6/7 days a week, having 2 hour, hard sessions twice a day and hammering the... Continue Reading →

Fasted cardio. Good or bad?

Do you do fasted cardio? Does fasted cardio work? What is the evidence that fasted cardio is better than non fasted cardio? Some people bang on about fasted cardio and how it helps you burn more fat. The reason behind this is that your body will use energy from fat stores rather than energy from... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about supps baby!

Protein this, protein that, protein pancakes, protein shakes, casein, whey, isolate! WHAT THE F? The supplement market is completely flooded, there are some great products out there but there are also some very very bad ones. Here is a simple guide to which protein is right for you and when. Let's look at whey isolate... Continue Reading →

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