A little bit about me!

I’m Carla, a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Olympic weightlifting coach. I specialise in turning average people into superhumans.

Now I’m not your average strength and conditioning coach, I’m better than that.

I take my clients wants seriously but will discuss and address the needs that you might not have taken into account after the initial consultation.

I look at your lifestyle, your eating habits, your sleep patterns, hormones, your mobility and range of motion and your posture and use correction methods if neccessary.

Training shouldn’t always be about pushing you to eek out more and more until you’re laying on the floor crying like a baby. For me it’s about understanding YOU and knowing what helps you focus better.

Some days are great and others will be a bit meh… But a high 5 is always deserved after completing a session.

It’s also very important for me that I educate my clients so they know why they’re doing something and then have a much better understanding of what the benefits will be in the long run.

I’m not into quick 8 week transformations… OK well maybe a little bit but they’re more focused on learning better habits so you come away better educated on how you can make changes without it being a chore.

I am not a run of the mill coach. I’m a unique individual – you can see that just by looking at me… and I know that you are unique too.

That means that everything I do is bespoke- that includes your programming, and your nutritional needs.

I won’t fob you off with generic programs and training packages that have been written by a coach and then and sold to 1000s of personal trainers to use on their clients- yup, its totally a thing!

My knowledge is science backed, my quilifications are bang up to date and I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to research… I’ll never use broscience to justify why you should be doing something.

I also coach olympic weightlifting which is one of my favourite things to do and it should be yours too! If you let me, I’ll show you… everyone should have it in their training programme.

There is no standard training protocol. Whatever we create for you is just for you to meet your specific needs and goals.

I’m a lot of fun but I’m also serious about my job-and my own training. If you work with me I will push you and at times, you may hate me, but we will get results and we will also have a lot of laughs along away.

I have client testimonials that speak for themselves, written by real people who have been through a coaching programme with me. Now’s the time to join them and get great results too.

I currently run in person classes in my home town of Penamacor in Portugal, I have online packages that will be released soon which means you can live anywhere in the world and still get to work with me. I will also be releaseing face to face coaching pakcages AND if you fancy some intensive 1:2:1 coaching and a week away in the sunshine packed with good food, lots of outdoor activities and beautiful places to see then drop me a message on the contact page and we can hook you up!


‘Carla has given me my confidence back, I joined the gym in Feb 2017 at the start of my weight loss journey, after a few weeks I started to feel overwhelmed by all the different machines etc. At a low point I saw the advert for her course, and her knowledge and kindness have made me feel more confident than I ever have. I am now on my way to losing 5st and enjoy every session now.

Carla is a inspiring young woman and a credit to the centre. I love that lady. x’

Natasha- Strength course and Personal training.

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