What Are DOMS And How Can I Reduce The Pain?

Do you ever get DOMS really bad when you start a new program or workout routine?

This is how you can make sure they’re milder symptoms.

DOMS means delayed onset muscle soreness and happens when we work the muscle harder than it’s used to. During weight training you create microscopic tears in your muscles and it needs to repair. This is what causes the pain.

To help combat the pain and speed up recovery, firstly you must make sure you eat plenty of protein, sleep well and stretch. This is optimal for muscle recovery and repair.

The key is to ease yourself into a new program so the DOMS are milder.

After a few weeks you may notice you get it less and less.

Not having DOMS isn’t a sign that you’ve not worked hard enough. Some people feel like that if they don’t have DOMS they’ve not worked hard enough during their workout but that’s simply not true.

Here’s what happens when you’re just starting up or when your start a new program.

Your body goes through a process with training.

1. What the F? This is hard, I’m not used to this.

2. Actually this isn’t to bad now. I think I can cope with this.

3. Look at me, I’m fucking flying now, I’m so strong. Give me more…more…MOOOOORE. mwah hahahahahah!

4. Hmm, this isn’t doing much for me now, I need something to challenge me.

Stage 1 is obviously when you start a new programme or new type of training, or even just putting your weights up.

Step 2 is when your body has adapted the to the new programme and it’s not so shocked by what you’re doing. This is when DOMS tend to ease or be non existent in some cases.

Step 3 is when you are make optimal gains and strength and is where you will see your best progress.

Step 4 is when what you’re doing isn’t really making you much progress anymore. And people tend to plateau…..

Which means, you need to introduce Step 1 again. Change it up by adding more weight, increase intensity, change your reps and sets etc.

You’ll go through a cycle with DOMS so whenever you get to Step 1 again, ease into it slowly to reduce it while your body adapts to the change.

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