Fundementals of a good strength programme

We can design fancy workouts all we like but there is no getting away from the fact that there a few exercises that are the foundations of a good strength programme.

They’re not exercises that have you running around the gym floor, jumping over a tyre then comando rolling over to a kettlebell to complete a burpee then jump lunge your way over to the side to take a sip of your unicorn vanilla iced winter spice summer breeze frappu-fucking-ccino.

Ok that might sound like fun…but that’s exactly what they are. Fun ways to exercise. Some people like this kind of training and some people don’t.

To be honest circuit style workouts have their place (minus the frappuccino) they are fun and they’re great for conditioning work.

But you can’t build a solid strength foundation with this kind of workout.

A good strength programme should have these 4 basics.



Bench press

Verticle pulls (pull downs and pull ups)

These are the building blocks of better stength.

They use the most muscle groups and are the excercises where you can build the best all round body strength.

Once you have these exercises included in your programme you can then include other exercises that target more specific muscle groups.

These exercises should be the first exercises on your prgromme, so if you have squats scheduled then you do this exercise first. Same goes for the others, deadlifts, bench press and verticle pulls.

They’re not pretty, they’re not exciting but they’re neccessary.

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