The Problem with Influencers

While we scroll our days away comparing ourselves to those on social media, remember sometimes things aren’t what they seem.

Just because someone has loads of followers and looks like they have a lavish lifestyle they probably don’t.

They’re actually renting studios dressed up to look like private jets and they’re selling anything they can to make a few bucks.

This includes weightloss supplements, weightloss pills, cleanse programmes, diet coffee, diet tea, nutrition plans and training plans…which they’re even not qualified to do, and any other bandwagon they can jump on that’s going to fuck you up.

How they can actually get away with it I just don’t know.

The fitness industry is regulated and many proffesionals get called out if they ask questions which are out their scope of practice but these people never do. They don’t even have any basic fitness or nutirtion certification. Yet we’ve literally spent thousands on ours.

So why are we following these people and taking their advice?

Because they have a great body? Because they look like they’re rich? Successful? Because if they’re selling this stuff you think it’s what they actually use?

They don’t.

They’ll flog a pair of crusty underwear if it gets them likes and makes them look good, doesn’t mean they’re going to wear them.

The thing is these poeple have looked like this all their life, they’re in their 20’s, they haven’t had children and have been blessed with genetics to carry fat in all the right places by societies standards.

I know it’s easy to get disheartened and give up because you’re not seeing the results you want. And you’re not seeing them quick enough. So you look for these quick fixes.

The thing is with the right proffessional by your side you absolutely can get the results you want.

That’s me.

I work a lot with clients who have spent their lives yoyo-dieting, trying everything that they see online that might help, trying every diet out there.

And yet they come away either with no results, or results that don’t last that see them trying the next fad diet that comes in to the media.

What doesn’t get addressed with these diets is why they have an unhealthy relationship with food in the first place-

I know why. These fucking diets and the fucking media spurting bro science articles that contradict with an article they posted just a week before. It’s confusing and so overcomplicated, we hold on to the tiniest little tips that make no fucking difference what-so-ever in the grand scheme of things but we feel that maybe, just maybe this is the exact thing I have been missing this whole time, this is the exact reason I havne’t reached my goals, because until today, I did not know I needed to do this thing.

Instead it just creates even more damage to your mental health because you are constantly feeling like you’re fucking failing. It’s not fucking fair.

When my clients come to me I have to help them change they’re mental processes, what they’ve been lead to be believe about foods being good and bad, foods they’ve been told they shouldn’t eat, how to exercise to acheive their goals and to see food as way of fueling your body and to fuel correctly based on they’re lifestyle and activity and training.

It takes time, my clients know that.

I don’t promise them overnight success because that’s not gong to happen with so much to undo.

But what I can promise is giving them the tools to know how to take this through to the rest of their life.

To never diet again. To never spend another penny on useless miracle products. To never deny yourself certain foods. To enjoy being active. To find exercise that you love. To put you in a better mental space.

To never set you up to fail.

I know there are a lot of people this will resonate with.

It does with me, I’ve been there.

And I am so desperate for the world to change.

And I want to help you change the way you see yourself. I want you to feel amazing, confident and not so fucked up about being normal and human.

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