The one piece of equipment everyone should own.

If I could only choose 1 piece of equipment to use to workout at home it would be a suspension trainer. There are so many different brand that all vary in price but I use a really great one that cost me £20 from Decathlon (no affiliation)…in fact I have 2 so I can hang them both when I’m coaching bootcamps.

They’re really easy to use, you can take them anywhere, and I mean anywhere. They literally pack away in a little pouch and you can pop in your bag. You can hang them from a tree, you can hang them in your house and most of them even come with a little stopper that you put in a door.

If you go away a lot and never know whether there’s going to be a gym close by you can take these straps with you and still get a good workout.

When I first saw the TRX suspension trainers I kind of wondered what all the fuss was about, I learnt a few basic exercises on them and still didn’t quite get why they were all the new rage.

And then the gym where I was working put me and the gym staff on a course to become a qualified TRX instructor.

This is where I learnt how absolutely versatile they are if you think outside the box a little. You can literally have a whole body workout and an intense one at that. As these are suspended and not on a solid ground they’re unstable so they really help to fire up every tiny muscle.

In fact if you’re looking to get a new PR on bench press then you’ll want to do your warm up with these because these will get all the tiny stability muscles warmed up and already working before you’re even laid on the bench.

Because they use your body weight to determine the intensity of the exercise they’re perfect for beginners too, you can put as much or as little weight on the straps as you need to, and increase it as you get stronger.

They’re also really great for single leg exercises like pistol squats, curtsey lunges, Bulgarian split squats, hamstring curls…just 3 sets of 10 on these exercises alone is enough for leg day on these things.

There’s a whole library of videos you can find online which will help you with form and picking exercise to do on them.

I would encourage everyone to invest in a set of these they’re super affordable and you don’t need any other piece of equipment to get a good workout in.

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