EVERYTHING has changed for me.

It feels like it’s been forever since I opened any spaces up for coaching but this year I am finally taking on more of you!

Things have changed a lot in the last 2 years. I launched my specialist coaching for motorsport athletes 2 weeks before the very first lockdown in the U.K.

Needless to say, home schooling and the cancellelation of every single thing meant that business didn’t really take off, and I didn’t really try. It was very clear that this wasn’t the right time.

During this whole pandemic life has changed MASSIVELY!

On a scale of 1 to 10 how crazy has my life been since March 2020?

Definitely a 10.

You see, on a whim we up sticks and moved… to a different country in August 2020. And now live in Portugal.

We went from living near busy Brighton to a quiet village in central Portugal, we bought a small farm and we’ve spent the last year and a half restoring a ruin and making a home while we lived in a tent for some of the time but when the freezing cold winter hit and the rain started we found a small house to rent in the village. On the farm, for the first 5 months we didn’t even have electricity or a water supply. We got our water from the local font, we showered using camp showers and had to travel 45 minutes to the nearest city to do our laundry and we charged out phones and the laptop from the car.

How it started!
How it’s going.

Fast forward to February 2021 and finding some new friends, I had requests for delivering some fitness sessions. So I did.

I started running classes on the farm just for friends and word got around. I did them out the front of the house which was basically a building site. We didn’t even have windows or doors yet, the ground was covered in weeds and I remember having to strim an area for it., and I had to borrow an old makita battery operated work radio for music.

I bought myself a little bit of equipment and I splurged on some Olympic lifting gear- because it’s my favourite thing to do. I already had a kettle bell and some resistance bands so I had a few things to use for the sessions.

I really wanted a gym for myself to use which was my one and only ask when we moved here, and obviously I wanted to continue coaching clients so I figured for in person coaching having a proper space was important and although it’s still not quite finished it’s a great space.

I have taken on a handful of clients in the time but I wanted to keep my numbers low so I could focus on building the house and home.

For the last 6 months I have been training clients in a brand new purpose built space on the farm. I have increased the amount of group sessions I run each week, I have slowly increased the amount of equipment I own and I have new people enquiring each week to join in.

I wanted to do things properly so I also registered as a business in Portugal so I can continue my coaching career and made it my aim to start 2022 by officially launching my business in Portugal.

I have a waiting list of people who want to start 1:2:1 coaching with me but I haven’t been taking on new clients. This is all going to change in the next couple of weeks and I am really excited.

Not only will I be coaching online but in person too and in other exciting news… we are also building accommodation on the farm for intensive retreats and adventure get away’s with kayaking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, off roading, climbing and any else you can think of that will be included in my coaching packages in time.

I think back to the time where I was severely let down by a premises owner when I was going to open my own gym, I was so upset but I knew better things were on the horizon, I just didn’t know where or when. But I knew they would come.

I just didn’t know it would be this extreme!

There are a lot of motorsport here, mostly motorcycle sports which exactly what I specialise in- Sport specific strength and conditioning for enduro, supermoto and off roading. This is something I really want to get back to but I think this will come another time for now.

So there’s the update for you!

If you fancy coming on board and being expertly coached by me to help you achieve your goals then drop me an email on the contact me page and you will be the first to know when new spots are open.

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