It’s not me…It’s January. Yet another fitness resolution.

Once Christmas is out of the way are you going to be embarking on yet another health and fitness journey?

I’m not knocking it. Don’t get me wrong, reaching this goal is going to be an absolute life changer.

BUT… why are you having to set this goal yet again. How many new year resolutions have been health and fitness based?

And how come you’ve not stuck at any of them past January.

I know why.

This is largely due to changing too much at once.

We’re creatures of habit…changing our life long habits takes more than just a couple of weeks.

Everything becomes overwhelming as you try and juggle your new lifestyle as well as changing your diet and having to think about food in a different way than before.

You cut out whole food groups which your body isn’t used to (and doesn’t need), you’ve got a whole new exercise regime you’re trying to fit into your already busy day, by the second week in January you’re exhausted and wonder if it’s all worth it.

You’ve already worked SO hard, you’re not seeing any results, you’re so tired all of time, in fact you just feel worse.

You fell asleep on Jeff in the Monday meeting last week and woke up with dribble down your chin. You’re reaching for a triple shot cappuccino by 11am and the carrot sticks and humus you packed for lunch aren’t even going to touch the sides.

And to top it off you have an appointment with your new PT after work who’s going to make you jog on the treadmill for 20 minutes while he goes off and sips coffee chatting up the new receptionist.

It’s not ideal is it!? And it’s no wonder you’ve fucked it all off by week 3, ordered an extra large dominos on Friday night, you’re having a Netflix binge and drinking the left over Babycham and have decided that the goals you set yourself just aren’t that realistic.

Well…I’m here to tell…they are absolutely are!

Your goals are 100% achievable. You just need to go about it in a different way.

Give yourself a break! Seriously!

It’s easy to go in all guns blazing but this is not sustainable and certainly isn’t any fun either.

It takes around a month to create new habits. It takes even longer to break old ones.

We are so quick to try and do everything at the same time in order to see results the quickest and go ‘cold turkey’

We watch social media and follow people online who actually create more damage to our mental health than they do good. We compare ourselves and base our new lifestyle on what these people do in the hope that we will become like them.

But all we see on social media are want they want us to see and it’s not real life.

We need to address our existing habits first, making small changes to things we already do. It may sound insignificant but making food swaps to a more a low calorie option, things like lower calorie mayonnaise and diet fizzy drinks, these simple food swaps can have a huge impact on your progress and you don’t necessarily notice the change.

You can carry on eating the meals you enjoy and love. There are swaps you can make to reduce the calories.

You’re not cutting them out and taking them out of your diet, they’re foods you like to eat but there’s a better option to help you reach your goal so you should make the switch.

Adding more vegetables to your meals to help fill you up may stop you overloading your plate with higher calorie foods.

Putting vegetables on your plate first can also help with portion control.

When you cook a meal at home include a side salad, not only will this help with portion control, it’s low in calories and will provide you with lots of nutrients.

Instead of heading to the gym to sign up with a personal trainer straight away, just work on adding more activity to your day. A walk at lunchtime or a walk after dinner for a few weeks is enough to create a good habit and will make sticking to a training regime much easier. Go for a walk everyday, then when you’re ready to join a gym reduce the walks and put your gym work outs in their place.

Once you’re used to the new training regime then add the walks back in on the training days if you want to, to increase your activity a little more.

By the time you get to February you will be well into the swing of things, you’ll be feeling better and instead of feeling like a failure you’ll finally feel like things are just slipping into place.

It will all feel so much easier.

You won’t be depleted of every morsel of energy and you won’t be beating yourself up for going off track…because there isn’t a track.

These are just your new habits and this is the way you live your life.

Don’t let January fail you. You’ve got this.

If you want some help reaching your goals you know what to do… get in touch!

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