Is your knee down a let down?

Getting your knee down correctly will help you glide through those bends faster than formula 1 pit stop. Aside from the confidence and trust you have in yourself and the bike there is another factor that could be limiting your ability.

Your body!

If you have to rock backwards and forwards on a chair and stand up on the count of 3 then I’ve got news for you. These bends are gonna be hard!

This requires some great leg strength, hip mobility and core strength. Without all 3 of these you will constantly be fighting with yourself one way or another to get the bike to do what you need it to.

You need to be able to grip the tank with your thighs, open your hips to be able to shift off the seat and hold yourself with your spine in a neutral position all whilst hanging off the side of handle bars.

Sounds easy huh!?

At the very basics, your training programme should include shoulder and core strengthening and stability, leg strengthening exercises and mobility.

Overhead walk lunges (holding a weight overhead) are a great way to target quads, hamstrings and glutes whilst working the core to maintain stability whilst holding the weight overhead.

Hanging knee raises holding a medicine ball between your knees hits the inner thighs as well core.

You also want to make sure you leave yourself 20 minutes after every session to work on mobility and stretching out with a good focus on hip and glute stretches.

Make sure you add these in to your training programme and watch how they improve your performance on the track.

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