It’s not you. It’s me, you see I’ve changed.

I haven’t been here in a while, met me fill you I with what’s been going on.

My business has been going through a bit of a transition and I have branched out to a more specialised niche.

Without further a-do shall we start over?

I’m Carla and I’m a strength and conditioning specialist for motorsport athletes.

I first started taking care of my own health and fitness many years ago after some time on a journey of self destruct. The changes I made both physically and mentally by sorting my shit out put me in place where I felt indestructible, confident and rich!

You’ve heard of the domino effect.

That’s exactly what this was.

I was better at everything. I was focused, ambitious, determined and I knew whatever I wanted to do, I would do it.

That’s not to say it was always easy, of course there’s always obstacles that get in the way but you know what, I would have been scared before… probably would have given up.

But now? I was like a fucking tank and I would smash down any barrier that was in my way.

I started my career by working in a gym…and I have to say, it didn’t excite me as much as I wanted it to. I was a strength specialist, held strength camps and most of my clients were focused on building strength and hypertrophy. My clients always got results and I wanted even more for them.
I wanted them not to just like being able to lift with more weight or enjoy seeing the physical changes and a boost of confidence. I wanted them to feel it, you know, REALLY feel it.

Outside of the gym, overcoming challenges. Things in life their body and mind couldn’t do before but can now.

But let’s get down to reality here. How often do we face challenges in our lives that push us to the absolute limit of our physical stress, of our mental stress? The stuff that makes us feel truly and completely fucking alive! Invincible, indestructible and untouchable, like there is nothing else on this planet that matters but that very moment.

We go day to day working, we go out for dinner, we Netflix and chill, we play video games, we go out and drink, we walk the dog, we party, we sleep, we cook, we clean, we look after our children, we live our lives but rarely feel alive.

I wanted my clients to feel that, I wanted my clients to have those moments where they needed to perform at a level that not many ever will. I wanted my clients to have passion and dedication knowing that their physical capacity can determine whether they win or lose.

I want my clients to want to win.

So why motorsport athletes?

Because I love going fast on wheels! I can pinpoint the moment I knew this is who I wanted to work with. It was a few years ago when I was interviewing Brad Ray about his racing career and this huge wave of heat ran through my body, my heart skipped a beat and it was at this very moment I knew that this was going to be my career.

Have you ever heard a MotoGP athlete talk about how the sport makes them feel? The passion, the love for the bike, the sport, the rush, it’s like a drug, it’s addictive.

I ride, I feel the rush, the adrenaline, the moments that spike your heart rate, the moment that you get off the bike but want to get straight back on and do it all over again.

I’m pretty bad ass, well I like to think I am, but I’ll let you into a little secret… I’ve cried whilst riding my ninja. Yup. She had been having a new swing arm and shock fitted and I hadn’t been out on her for a few months, I was just so overcome with happiness and love when I took her out for that first spin again I just fucking cried. The passion is alive and nobody will ever understand the feeling unless they truly love getting on those 2 wheels.

And that’s just the beginning.

Thank you for visiting my page. You’ll see lots of content start popping up soon, I’d be super grateful of the love.

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