Is the Christmas indulges really worth the New Year disappointment?

Christmas is well and truly on it’s way. There’s plenty of goodies in the supermarkets. There’s that lovely aisle dedicated to all the Christmas themed deliciousness that you will most likely add to your trolley in the couple of weeks running up to Christmas…and beyond when they all get reduced to very tempting prices!


It’s the same old story every year. You’ll get yourself back on track when the new year comes. It’s Christmas, it’s what we’re all supposed to do.

While we don’t want to deprive ourselves it’s important to remember that whatever we do over Christmas and New Year is going to have an impact on where we are starting when the festive season is over.

If you have a goal of losing some body fat in the new year, that’s great. But do you really want to put on more fat over Christmas so that you have to then have to add losing that extra to your goal?

Eat normal sized meals, eat all the nice food but be aware that all the extra calories will have an impact, so eat it sensibly.

It’s not just all the good food stuffs… alcohol plays a huge part as well with most of us drinking everyday when we’re not working. Most of us forget to add that what we drink has calories too…not just alcohol but fruit juices as well are something people tend to overlook.

While we don’t think you should miss out- you should definitely consider keeping your food indulge days to certain days and the rest of the time keeping your diet on track.

It’s very easy to add a few kg to your frame but very hard to lose it.

Think about where you are now and where you want to be in the new year, maybe in 2 months time you can reach that goal… and now think about what the Christmas period can add to that. If you put on half a stone, that can easily add another month at least to your goal.

Is the extra food really worth it?

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