Learning to run.

If you follow me over on my Facebook page you will know that I’ve set myself a challenge- couch to 5k. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE cardio… most of all running.

I am into my fourth week of the official couch to 5k app program and am still hating every second of it. I thought by now that after the first week or so I would have started to enjoy it. But that it absolutely not happening!

Whilst I have been swearing, willing for the run to end and having to force myself out of the door to get it done, I have to say… it feels damn good when I’ve finished.

Every time you hear the instructions in the headphones that you now have to start running and for how long I always think…but how the fuck am I going to manage that? But I do manage it, every time.

I started off at a mere 90 seconds of running at a time, and am now at 5 minutes non stop running for intervals. For someone who doesn’t do cardio this brings such a good feeling.

While I am not going to stop my usual type of training, I do feel this running is something I need to keep in my program. When I reach the 5k I don’t have any desire to continue increasing my distance but it would be great to keep that level of running up.

One other thing that I have noticed with running, more than any of the other forms of training I do, if I go out early in the morning I am much more productive during the day, and don’t get that mid-afternoon, I want a nap, feeling. I think this may be down to the achievement factor of the run rather than the endorphins as I normally workout in the mornings anyway, but I think it just gives you the ‘I can conquer the day’ feeling because by 9am you’ve already conquered the run… and when it’s something you’ve not done before, it really is quite an achievement.

Here’s to getting the whole 5k in a few weeks.

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