Where does my fat go?

O.K. so following on from my facebook post on Tuesday 15th May, we’re about to find out what happens to our fat when we burn it off…where does it go?


When you eat more calories than your body needs, triglycerides (fatty acids) are stored in fat cells.

Once you start eating less and/or moving more the triglycerides (fatty acids) are broken down by a hormone released by the pancreas called lipase. The fat is then taken and processed by a further chemical reaction which means it can be used at energy in the body, there is of course waste after this chemical process which is essentially the ‘fat loss’. But where?

The byproducts of the chemical process is heat, carbon dioxide and water.

The heat is used to regulate your body temperature.

The rest is only 20% water which leaves the body through sweat, tears and urine etc.

And 80% is carbon dioxide which leaves the body through breath.

So in theory, you breath out your fat.

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