Gaining weight on slimming world.

Throughout the history of the human race, there has been one way to reduce your body fat and one way only.

Calories in must be less than calories out.

Let me tell you about a client I had through the door a few weeks ago.


A lady in her late 50’s came to me because of the results I had helped someone she knew achieve. She had been following the same pan for 2.5 years!!! Same weights, same routine! Her goal was to drop body fat. When calculating her body fat, it came out at 44%. Needless to say she was pretty shocked and horrified that she had let herself get to that point.

She booked an initial consultation and a training session, followed by another PT session and then a final results session. This client was following a slimming world plan so wasn’t interested in nutrition advice. I set out an exercise plan; she must come to the gym 3 times a week, and keep her other activities which were aqua aerobics and one of the classes.That works out at just 5 hours a week.

She had her second session with me and had been following the exercise plan I had set, however she only used the gym once a week, not the 3 that I set for her. She also went on holiday for 10 days which she admitted she wanted to postpone the final results session as she hadn’t been sticking to any healthy eating plan.

When she came back from her holiday it was 3 weeks before she had her final results. Plenty of time to get back on track. During the final session we took measurements and calculated her body fat again, she said how she felt better and felt like she had lost body fat, however that was all in the mind beacause the results told a different story. She gained weight, body fat and cm’s.

She was completely baffled by this and was adamant that she had been careful with her food intake and couldn’t understand why this had happened. I pointed out that she only used the gym once a week, which was not enough, she also hadn’t been working as hard as she should have been during it either. She agreed she should have put more effort in, and being a retired lady she had plenty of time to utilise her gym membership more!

So the next thing I asked her was “How many calories do you have a day?” she explained that as she was on slimming world she didn’t need to worry about calories because as long as she didn’t more syns than she was allowed then all was ok. I said to her, regardless of whether the food has syns or not, it still has calories. So I asked her again, how many calories are you consuming? She still persisted with her slimming world and told me that on Sunday she had a huge roast dinner and it was all zero syns so it was ok to eat. Again I reminded her that the roast dinner STILL had calories.

I did a quick calorie evaluation and told her what she should be looking at consuming in a day. I explained that the ONLY reason she wasn’t losing weight and was gaining more was because the calorie intake was too high. She did agree that perhaps she should take that into consideration and be more aware of what she’s eating.

I saw her using the gym once a week still after that, but whether she has actually changed the eating habits I don’t know. I would like to think I gave her a ‘lightbulb’ moment, but unfortunately I think she’s so sucked in by the slimming world way she will continue as she has been.

The best of this whole situation is that this lady has been a nurse all her life…and still has no idea about nutrition.

So not only do slimming world (and weight watchers) not teachyou a sinlge thing about how weightloss works, or learning healthy eating habits and how to keep on track woth calorie intake…they of course, still use scales to track progress!

It still amazes me that with all the information in the world available at your fingertips, people would rather listen to a weightloss club rep who usually has no nutrition qualification or knowledge over someone who has!

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