How to lose up to 12lb in a week!

Are you looking to lose a stone or more? Are you struggling with weightloss? Do you lack energy? Do you suffer from fatigue? Do you find it hard to get to the end of the day?

Did you know you can lose up 12lb in just one week by fucking starving yourself?

Yes that’s right. There is NO diet out there, or magic pill or detox diet, or capsule or tablet or supplement or wrap or shake or juice or meal replacement that will genuinely make you drop 12lb in just one week.

I actually turn down training clients if they are on a stupid calorie deficit diet plan. I want to help them, however in the interest of their well being I simply can not condone such a restrictive diet and more importantly will not jeopardise their health.

ALL of these ‘weightloss’ solutions are a complete marketing ploy. The weightloss industry is multi billon pound industry and all it’s doing is emptying your pockets of your hard earned cash.

Let’s just look at this a little deeper shall we? Just in case you think I’m talking crap.

Your body burns calories even if you’re sat watching TV all day doing nothing. You burn calories just to function, just for your heart to beat and your organs to work, you basically burn calories just by breathing. Most of us could eat 1800 calories a day and lose weight. Now let’s just talk about this ‘weight loss’…  really we mean fat loss, that’s why we want to lose weight isn’t it? Because we feel we are too fat? So we want to be less fat? Right!? So 12lbs of weight- we want to be 12lbs of fat.

So in order to lose 1lb of body FAT you need to eat 3500 calories less every week… 3500 calories is the amount 1lb of fat uses. Which means to lose the 12lb of body fat that you’re being promised you need to eat 24,500 calories less a week…hang on a minute, that means you need to eat -12,575 calories a week to lose that amount of body fat a week. MINUS 12,575 CALORIES!

‘But my friend did that diet and she lost loads in a week’ yes she probably did, that came from muscle, water and literally because there’s no substance to her food. When you lose muscle through dieting badly, what you’re actually doing is messing up your metabolism. By losing some weight from muscle too your body now isn’t burning as many calories. Muscle burns more calories per lb than fat. So if you lose muscle you lower your ability to burn as many calories.

Honestly IF there were a product that really worked out there, wouldn’t we all be using it? Wouldn’t we all have the physiques we desire so much? Wouldn’t it cost more than £30 a month? The reason you’re not losing fat is because you are eating more calories than your body needs, not because you’re not using the right product or supplement.

Also look at what youre eating, the fatigue and the lack of energy are caused by insulin spikes, you’re eating crap foods, not enough nutrition. You eat someting with sugar for the quick energy boost, then crash, then need more sugar, then crash…this is a sure fire way to harm the functionallity of your pancreas and is the exact reason there’s now such a huge number of people with type 2 diabetes.

Eat a sensible calorie defecit, eat enough protien. Do a food diary for a week or two and add up EVERYTHING you have eaten AND had to drink, this includes the milk in your coffee. Once you’ve done that, workout a 10% defecit and try that for a couple of weeks, if you don’t lose anything, take off a bit more and try that until you find what works for you.

Losing weight isn’t easy. I get it, I really do. I’ve been there. But if it were easy, as I said above…we’d all have our desired physiques!

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  1. Me too, I can pack on Muscle really easily and dropping body fat for me is particularly hard. Mainly because I have little discipline and willpower. Maybe have a look for healthier alternatives to the foods you crave. 😊


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