I’m morbidly obese

I step on the scales on a VERY rare occasion. It's mainly just out of curiosity when I do. I've weighed the same for the last 2 years since having my son but my physique has changed over that time.

I'm actually on a mission to drop body fat now, so I need a way to track my body fat. The gym I train have a Boditrax so I decided to sign up and check my readings.

Now before I go into what the readings said, let's just look at my stats.

I am 5'4", I weigh 93kg and I'm 30.

My BMI calculation reads 34.9 which puts me at the high end of obesity. Basically I'm unhealthily very fat.

Now… here's where the Boditrax system works. It scans your body by sending an electric current through your body. The current moves at different rates through different tissue, fat, water, muscle etc.

So while I stand with a BMI of 34.9, taking into account my body fat percentage and muscle mass, I am actually not on the obese scale at all, and instead I am a 'strong build'. Of course if my body fat goes up it's going to change the results but I'm planning on the body fat going down which should put me at lean muscular.

So there you go. The BMI scale that was invented by a mathematician, in the 70's, originally for the agricultural industry says I'm morbidly obese. Seem legit!

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