Coaching for average people who want to be superhumans. Strong man training, Olympic weightlifting, stength and conditioning, HIIT training, hypertrophy and strength training.

You want to feel confident and badass right? Who doesn’t?

My coaching sessions aren’t just about altering your physical appearance. Sure that’s kind of what you came here for isn’t it but to me it’s just a bonus.

There is so much you will get out of these sessions. You can completely lose yourself, be in YOUR zone, releasing stress and just being you. Altering the chemical balance in your brain and releasing all the things you need to feel good, confident, worthy and a complete and total bad ass.

For this moment in time you are not a parent, not an office worker, not a housewife or husband, a cleaner, a carer…just you, with that fire in your belly that you’ve been missing for some time, longing to get it back.

When you eventually tear yourself away from your sessions you will walk back out into the world a burning ball of fire with an urge to conquer the world. You will feel rich and motivated and inspired.

Of course we will ultimately work on the goals YOU have, we will get you there and it’s my job to make sure you enjoy it, have fun and walk away feeling amazing.