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Fitness Christmas cards

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As a personal trainer I was looking for some fitness themed Christmas cards to give to my clients but I couldn’t find any that were a reasonable price. So what did I do? I made my own.

I posted these on a Facebook page for fitness professional and the interest and request for orders went crazy.

So I decided to do a run of them and offer them up for sale.

There are 5 designs to choose from. They’re A5 size and on white great quality card (not the flimsy, start bending and leaning over to one side after been stood up for an hour) they come in packs of 5 (each design comes as a pack of 5) and are £5 a pack.

Last orders are on 10th December, or until they sell out, which ever comes first. Sadly these are only available for the UK. (Postage is £1.95 per order) maximum 5 packs per customer.

Email IronWarriorsLifting@hotmail.com to place your order.

The protein myth I hear the most.

If there is one thing I hear more than anything else about protein, it’s that if you eat more 30g in one sitting then anything more will be stored as fat.

Any time I see a question about this on social media I instantly jump to correct all the bro science specialists out there.

So here’s the thing. Whilst your body can only absorb around 30g of protein in one sitting (the amount will of course vary from person to person) the rest will not be stored as fat.

If it were true, don’t you think all the bodybuilders and althletes would be morbidly obese by now? That steak you have when you go out for dinner, 30g is probaly about a 3rd of an 8oz rump.

So here is the actual truth… the surplus protien that you eat, will in fact still be absorbed by your body and be used to repair tissue and muscle, BUT once that initial 30g(ish) has been digested and absorbed, your stomach will automatically reduce the production of stomach acid to slow down the digestion of the protein, and will only break it down as and when the body is ready to absorb more.

This is why a you see a higher protien breakfast being reccomended for people who are looking to drop body fat, becuase it stops sthe craving and the mid morning hunger.

Where has my muscle gone!?

Ok so I have had a pretty hectic couple of months with my personal life. There has been a family death on my side and another on my partners side. This has meant travelling 200 miles south west and back again, then 200 miles north and back again. Teaming this with 2 weeks of trapped nerves in my neck and a car that’s been out of action, it’s lead to me being out of the gym for almost 2 months… and damn am I feeling it!

Here’s a couple of action shots!

I went back to the gym for a week 2 weeks ago, and then I was off again. From today I haven’t got any plans to go anywhere so I am back to training. I’m booking in for a sports massage and getting my strength back up. Today I had a go at snatching and boy has my strength dropped. Only managing a mere 40kg sadly.

But I’m stocked up on protein, chicken and vegetables. I’ve got myself a new half gallon water jug (hopefully my boyfriend won’t throw this one out) and I plan on being 100% badass and back on the game from this week on wards.

Missing the gym isn’t just detrimental for my valuable gains, but it’s also pretty bad for my mental health and my sanity. My whole self worth goes downhill, I feel a mess and a retreat into my little shell, my mojo goes, my motivation goes and so does my love for life.

So here’s to gains, a healthy mind and finding my motivation again. Let’s get it.

I’m morbidly obese

I step on the scales on a VERY rare occasion. It's mainly just out of curiosity when I do. I've weighed the same for the last 2 years since having my son but my physique has changed over that time.

I'm actually on a mission to drop body fat now, so I need a way to track my body fat. The gym I train have a Boditrax so I decided to sign up and check my readings.

Now before I go into what the readings said, let's just look at my stats.

I am 5'4", I weigh 93kg and I'm 30.

My BMI calculation reads 34.9 which puts me at the high end of obesity. Basically I'm unhealthily very fat.

Now… here's where the Boditrax system works. It scans your body by sending an electric current through your body. The current moves at different rates through different tissue, fat, water, muscle etc.

So while I stand with a BMI of 34.9, taking into account my body fat percentage and muscle mass, I am actually not on the obese scale at all, and instead I am a 'strong build'. Of course if my body fat goes up it's going to change the results but I'm planning on the body fat going down which should put me at lean muscular.

So there you go. The BMI scale that was invented by a mathematician, in the 70's, originally for the agricultural industry says I'm morbidly obese. Seem legit!

What’s in your breakfast?

Opting for the healthier versions or cereal, healthier toast, healthier toppings or spreads may well be part of the reason you're not seeing the results you're hoping for.

This was my breakfast this morning. This is seeded malt bread, 1 teaspoon of olive butter, 1 teaspoon of peanut butter and half a banana. This is great, very healthy and has a lot of nutrients in it, including the bread having plenty of fibre and seeds with healthy fats. It's also a fairly low calorie bread compared to other common loaves you'll find in the supermarket.

Just one slice of this (I measured everything that I put on) comes out as 319 calories. Now who would normally have 2 slices of toast for breakfast? 2 slices of this Would land you at 638 calories before you've even left your house.

Every single client of mine who says that they're not seeing the results they want, it's because of this right here. It's not being aware what they're actually eating.

Theres only ONE way when it comes to transforming ones physique. Calories in vs calories out. If you're eating more than your burning off and fat loss is your goal, the it's not going to happen. Exactly the same goes for putting on weight, if your burning off more than you're eating then gaining weight and muscle is not going to happen.

You absolutely can not out train a bad diet. So make sure your nutrition is in check and 100% before you get disheartened about results.

‘But I don’t wanna get big’

Ladies… Do not fear the weights room! I promise you, that strength training WILL NOT make you big.

Copy of _DSC3890eewithoutIron

Let’s look at what it takes in order to build substantial amounts of muscle.

  1. An intense strength programme.
    Unless you are training 6/7 days a week, having 2 hour, hard sessions twice a day and hammering the weights HARD every session, with little to no cardio (or the right kind of cardio) then building muscle is going to be a very slow process. As a female myself, I have been trying to ‘get big’ for years. I strength train 5 days a week mostly, and the majority of the time to failure… I’m yet to ‘get big’

    2. FOOD!
    You would not even believe the amount you would have to consume in order to sustain that level of training. Let alone the amount of protein intake you would need to repair the muscle and recover from your training. I’m not talking eating a little bit more chicken and adding a bit more protein and carbs to your diet. I am talking hitting 4000 calories or more PER DAY. You can not build muscle unless you are consuming a surplus in calories. Most women, in order to build muscle will need around 2500-2800 calories a day out of that you would need to eat 30% at least in protein in order to repair and recover. Let me put this into perspective for you. 30% of 2500 is 750 calories from protein, Which is just over SIX CHICKEN BREASTS, and that’s PER DAY! Without the necessary food intake for your training you will not be able to build a substantial amount of muscle. (This goes for men too)

    3. Testosterone
    To look like a man,, you have to be built like a man, and ladies… We are most definitely not. You can not build muscle without testosterone. FACT. Men with lower levels of testosterone will find it much more difficult to build muscle, so imagine how much harder it is for us. Again, here’s a little perspective for you to highlight the extreme differences in the levels of testosterone male and females have.

    Total testosterone (amount floating around at the time of a testosterone test)

    An average healthy adult male will have between 270-1070 nanograms per deciliter of blood.

    An average healthy adult fertile women will have between 15-70 nanograms per deciliter of blood.
    This is such a huge difference in testosterone levels that it literally makes it impossible for women to build muscle like men can, unless of course, you are using the supplements or steroids. You may see many female bodybuilders who look manly, have that thick neck and chiseled jaw line, (and deeper voice) this is the results of steroids, NOT picking up some dumbbells a couple of times a week.

    4. Metabolism
    Weight training increases metabolism. Going back to point number 2 and food intake. The reason you will need to be consuming all those calories is because weight training will burn more calories, therefore you need to eat more. Your body will look to your muscles for energy before anything else, as this is a more efficient way for your body to convert energy stores. So actually you can strength train and your body will be taking those gains right back from you unless your eating right.

Weight training will actually enhance your figure, add curves, help you reduce and keep off that extra fat, it will increase bone density and reduce risk of developing osteoporosis later in life, it will help reduce cholesterol, help to keep type 2 diabetes under control, increase moto nurone recruitment which will help balance and coordination, it’s a great antidepressant -releases endorphines which help boost your mood, helps you sleep better, gives you more energy and of course… makes you stronger!